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Roofnado™ synthetic roof underlayments are the future of roofing underlayment and roofer safety.
Micro-etched surface technology provides unmatched slip-resistant properties and outstanding steep-slope walkability.
Innovative high traction surfaces, excellent durability, advanced manufacturing by industry professionals, and many other unique features make Roofnado™ underlayments the smart choice for todays roofing professionals.

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All Roofnado™ underlayments are ICC ESR, FBC and Texas Dept. of Insurance approved!
Available in 4 grades:


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 LapLock™ PSU

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Roofnado™ synthetic roof underlayments are the next generation of roofing underlayment and roofer safety.

Roofnado™ underlayments are available in 4 grades:

ShingleLock™ features an innovative high-traction surface that holds shingle bundles from sliding and unmatched walkability.   READ MORE
StormTread™ is a more durable underlayment with micro-etched surface technology that provides unmatched slip-resistance and outstanding steep-slope walkability.  READ MORE
AnchorDeck™ has a next-gen backside coating technology that holds the underlayment securely to the roof deck + a high-traction top surface for excellent walkability.  READ MORE
LapLock™ PSU features a high-traction surface + water tight lap sealing technology for protection from Ice Dams, Wind-Driven Rain, Snow and Water.   READ MORE

VIP Program

Roofnado's VIP Program for Roofing Contractors. Receive a $100 preloaded credit card for every 30 rolls of LapLock™ PSU, ShingleLock™ or StormTread™ purchased or every 98 rolls of AnchorDeck™! READ MORE

Get paid sooner! VIP cards are paid every quarter!

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Be a Market Leader and get the VIP Treatment with a custom printed underlayment from Roofnado™!

Available on AnchorDeck™, StormTread™, ShingleLock™ and LapLock™PSU.