Limited Lifetime Warranty on Roofnado™ LapLock™ PSU Synthetic Roof Underlayment

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Who Is Covered:
Your residential property must be located in the United States or Canada and you must be the original consumer purchaser (i.e., the property owner, not the installer or contractor) of LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment, you are entitled to the benefits of this warranty.

What Is Covered:
Sentry Building Innovations (“Sentry Building Innovations” or the “Manufacturer”) warrants to the purchaser of the Product (the “Building Owner”) that LapLock™ PSU roofing underlayment (the “Product”), if installed in strict accordance with the Manufacturer’s installation instructions, is free of manufacturing defects and will retain its ability to shed water and not deteriorate or decompose under the primary roofing material for the lifetime of the service application to which it has been applied, provided the terms, conditions and limitations set forth herein are met. This Warranty does not apply if (1) any part of the product is exposed to UV after roof cladding installation, and/or (2) the product has been installed and left uncovered without roof cladding for more than one hundred and eighty (180) days. Sentry Building Innovations agrees to provide either replacement product or refund the original purchase price paid for any portion of LapLock™ PSU product found to be defective.

How Long Are You Covered:
When LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment is installed with asphalt shingles, metal in residential applications, concrete tiles, synthetic shingles and primed cedar shakes, the length of the warranty period for LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment shall be for the lifetime of the product following the date of installation (the “Warranty Period”).

What Is Not Covered:
Damage to the product due to any cause not expressly covered herein. After our LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment leaves the manufacturing facility, it is subjected to conditions and handling beyond our control that could affect its performance. This warranty does not cover any problems with non-defective LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment caused by conditions or handling beyond our control. Some examples of conditions not covered by this warranty include:

  1. Damage to or failure of LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment as a result of damage to or the failure of the underlying roofing structure;
  2. Foot traffic on your roof or damage caused by object(s) (i.e., tree branches) falling on your roof;
  3. Any part of the LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment product is exposed to UV after roof cladding installation; and the product has been installed and left uncovered without roof cladding for more than one hundred and eighty (180) days.
  4. Inadequate roof drainage or attic ventilation;
  5. Settlement of the structure of your property or buckling or cracking of the deck over which your LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment is installed;
  6. Leaks caused by pre-existing conditions, structural failures(s) or damaged area(s) on or near the roof which are not part of the Roofing System such as chimneys that have loose or cracked mortar, skylight seams, or soil pipe boots allowing water to enter the structure or Roofing System;
  7. Damage to the LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment caused by alterations made after completion of application, including structural changes, equipment installation, power washing, painting, or the application of cleaning solutions, coatings, or other modifications;
  8. Improper storage, handling or other conditions beyond our control;
  9. Improperly designed or installed gutter or downspout systems;
  10. Improper or faulty installation of LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment (installation must be in accordance with the then current written installation instructions);
  11. Application of LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment on roof slopes less than a 2:12 pitch;
  12. Re-roof over existing underlayment.
  13. Leaks caused by any penetrations (including penetrations by fasteners);
  14. Cost of removing or replacing primary roofing materials;
  15. Leaks caused by natural forces, including but not limited to, lightning, gale-force winds, hail, hurricanes or similar natural causes; vandalism, animal abuse, fire, acts of war or civil disturbances;
  16. Leaks caused by alteration or repair of the roof or installation of structures, fixtures or utilities on or through the roof;
  17. Environmental fallout or overexposure to commercial industrial solvents, acids, caustic fluids, oils, waxes, gasses, absorbent clays, bleaches or plasticizers;
  18. Failure by the Building Owner or end user of the Product to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof;
  19. Leaks caused by excessive traffic or storage of materials on the roof;
  20. Infiltration or condensation of moisture in, through, around or above the walls of the building;
  21. Moisture that exists in the roofing system prior to the application of the Product;
  22. Structural failure or failure of material not supplied by the Manufacturer;
  23. Color changes or fading as the result of normal weathering or atmosphere conditions;
  24. Defective design, construction, installation or movement of the roof deck or roof accessories, including but not limited to vents, drains, curb units or other roof components;
  25. Damage caused by ponding water or the absence of positive drainage within the warranted roof area;
  26. Mold growth caused by inadequate ventilation or moisture that exists in the building or that enters the building prior to or after the installation of the Product;
  27. Cost of remediation or removal of hazardous materials, asbestos, mold, fungus, or any other contaminants;
  28. Loss of profits or damage to business reputation; and
  29. Damage caused by severe weather conditions prior to application of primary roofing.

Claims: What You Must Do:
You must notify Sentry Building Innovations about any claim within 30 days after you notice a problem and provide proof of the date your LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment was installed and that you were the owner at that time. You must send a notice in writing to Sentry Building Innovations, Warranty Service Department, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware 19801, USA. You will then be provided with complete details about submitting your claim. Sentry Building Innovations may require you to send to them, at your expense, sample LapLock™ PSU synthetic roofing underlayment for testing, production codes, application detail and photographs. Within a reasonable time after proper notification, Sentry Building Innovations will evaluate your claim and resolve it in accordance with the terms of this warranty. Sentry shall, at its sole option and as Buyer’s sole remedy, repair or replace the product or refund the purchase price for that portion of the product that has been proven to be defective, within the written warranty conditions. Buyer shall pay all handling or transportation charges. Failure to timely give Sentry notice of a defect, or unauthorized repairs or alterations, or misuse or misapplication of the product makes this warranty VOID. Any claim for LapLock™ PSU synthetic roof underlayment which has been replaced before notifying Sentry of your claim may be denied. NOTE: Notice to your contractor, dealer, or home builder is NOT notice to Sentry. You should retain this warranty for your records in the unlikely event that you need to file a claim.


The remedy stated herein is the Building Owner’s sole and exclusive remedy for defects in or failure of the materials supplied by the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer shall have no liability for any problems caused by leaks or defects caused by the failure of the roofing contractor to apply the Product in accordance with written instructions and specifications or recognized industry standards and practices. In no event shall the Manufacturer be held liable for damages and/or for special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential damages. The Manufacturer’s liability on any claim of any kind for any loss or damage arising out of, in connection with or resulting from the manufacturer, sale or resale of the Product shall not exceed the original purchase price of the Product.


Any claim or dispute between the Building Owner and Sentry Building Innovations arising out of this Warranty or relating to any material supplied or specifically required by Sentry Building Innovations shall be resolved in the state or federal courts of Washington.


If any of the terms contained herein are unenforceable, such term shall be limited only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable, and all other terms shall remain in full force and effect.

Transferability of This Warranty:

This warranty is personal to you and will not be transferred to any subsequent purchaser of your home.

No modifications to this Warranty:
This warranty may not be changed or modified. No one, including any representative or employee of Sentry Building Innovations, has authority to assume any additional liability or responsibility for Sentry Building Innovations or in any way modify or change this warranty. The warranty shall be covered by the laws of Delaware, USA without regard to its conflicts of laws, provisions, and exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute arising from this warranty shall be in the state or federal courts of USA.

Sole and Exclusive Warranty:
This Warranty is exclusive and replaces all other warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. No employee, agent, or representative of the Manufacturer has authority to make or give any other warranty or vary any of the terms or conditions of this Warranty. No statements made in any of the Manufacturer’s brochures, pamphlets, flyers, advertisements or promotional materials of any kind constitute a warranty other than as set forth herein.